Midweek Message

LABC Update – August 16, 2022

Jim Hopkins

August 15, 2022


(A word from Pastor Jim, part of his August 14, 2022 “Back Story” sermon)


In January 2021 my doctor noted that my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) count had gone up and recommended a consultation with a urologist. That resulted in an MRI in February of 2021 which revealed a few points of potential concern. My urologist and I agreed that I would have regular PSA tests and meet again in September of 2021.

We met in September of last year and agreed that we would continue the regular tests and meet again in a year. This March there was a noticeable increase in my PSA levels which prompted my urologist to recommend that we increase the frequency of the tests. When the June test revealed still another increase, we scheduled another MRI. That MRI was done in July and it revealed that there was reason for increased concern about two of the spots on my prostate.

My urologist recommended that a biopsy be scheduled and this past Friday, August 12th, the biopsy was conducted. Now, I wait for the results. Those of you who have undergone, or had loved ones undergo, any kind of testing like this know the reality of uncertain waiting. Uncertain waiting is, indeed, a back story shared by many.


I don’t know what treatment recommendations, if any, will come once the pathology reports are in. I am committed to leading the ministry at LABC yet recognize that what awaits me medically may impact my ability to carry out that leadership. I do not intend to let my health care needs negatively impact the needed work of LABC.


Thus, in this time of waiting, your prayers are greatly appreciated. I never know quite what to say about the oft repeated saying “prayer changes things.” However, I do know that prayer changes the pray-er even as it means much to the prayed for.


Also, please, as best you are able, attend to your physical and mental well-being. The medical system in the United States can be daunting. It certainly does not work well for all. Still, there are a host of skilled practitioners doing a host of good things. Please utilize them.


More to come. We live knowing that we all have back stories and that uncertainty is frequently a part of those stories.


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