This Sunday at Lakeshore

LABC Sunday Worship – January 28, 2024 (Annual Meeting Sunday)

Jim Hopkins

January 25, 2024

Healing of the Possessed at Gadarene by Frank Wesley “This is an unusual work for Frank Wesley because of its abstract form combined with detailed, realistic human faces and hands. The impact is of greater momentum than that found in many other of his paintings. The movement of the demons out of the two twisted figures swirls through the canvas in almost full circle, gradually becoming the head of a thousand-headed cobra as it spills down the hillside in the bodies of the pigs. Demonic faces of men and animals are picked out indistinctly in red, blue and grey. All seem to rush with violence and speed to the lower left corner where the wild-eyed swineherds are looking over their shoulders as they race from the frightening event. Jesus is holding the twisting, writhing bodies of the two naked men with gentleness, his head bowed over them in concern and caring. He holds the shoulder of one man from underneath to support him while his other hand is grasping the chin of the frothing naked man who is breaking the chains with which he is bound. Earlier these chains were broken in madness; now their destruction signals a return to sanity. The artist says that Jesus always meets the needs of people where they are and with only what they require and are able to use or accept at that moment. At the lower right of this work, sharp jagged rocks symbolize the harsh place to which the men were exiled – the world where we all live until healed of our madness by God’s love…The bodies of these two who are healed are the same mixture of the ugly and unexpected beauty. The beauty is Jesus’ love exercised so firmly and gently in this terrifying situation…Between their writhing bodies and that of the healer is a space of sky-blue color, indicating the presence of God.” From Frank Wesley: Exploring Faith with a Brush by Naomi Wray

Sunday, January 28

10:00 AM – Worship, Pastor Jim’s sermon will be “Has My Authority Arrived Yet?”

Following Worship – Annual Meetings of LABC, LABC Foundation, OFBC and OFBC Foundation (In-person required to participate, viewing via Zoom and YouTube

12:30 Adult Bible Class (Library and Zoom)


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Recent Prayer Requests – Steve Kirk as he mourns his brother, David; Jim Bergdoll for his father and his wife, Jill; Charlotte Myers (hospice care); Larry Sims (health); Zondra Martin (health); Rita Jennings (health); all who are grieving; caregivers; Thanksgiving with Valentine Royal for Nazir’s (great-grandson) recuperation; Thanksgiving with Connie Hector for David’s recuperation; Thanksgiving with Linda Allen for some good news; Carol Leichter for her mom, her brother and her son, Joey (health); David Allen for his mom and his sister (health); The well being of all seafarers and the seas they traverse; The justice seeking work of PICO California, Thanks giving with Sergio Jaime that his family will soon be able to join him; Brian Byamukama; Neil Gertner and all victims of crime