Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church

Hunger Task Force – 2024 Hunger Walk

Join us on Sunday, June 2nd, immediately following worship service.









A place of faith where you can make a difference in your community, family, and spiritual life.

Whether you are looking for a church family, a house of worship while you visit Oakland, or an uplifting conversation, we trust that you will find what you are looking for at Lakeshore.

“Lakeshore is a community that actively listens to and loves its neighbors through tangible actions that deeply impact our Oakland community and beyond.”

Cameron Wilson Martin


At LABC, we believe in the saying “as fire exists for burning, the church exists for worship.” We believe that worship connects us to God, to each other and to God’s work in the world. It is our hope that each service of worship will honor diversity, express truth, invite participation, and communicate hope and joy. We want people of all ages to come away from worship believing that they belong to the family of God.


We live in times that tire our bodies, try our minds, and test our faith. In such times, belonging to a community can make all the difference. A community that helps us follow Jesus can be life giving. A community that helps us shine the light of love into the world can be a gift. At LABC, we strive to be that community.

We welcome all, exclude none, and walk humbly with God Together.