Midweek Message

June 5, 2018 (Exercise Your Right To Vote Day)

Jim Hopkins

June 5, 2018

Dear Family,
As per usual I cannot begin to  personally thank everyone who contributed to another magnificent Sunday at LABC. However, I must lift up Sheila Sims for joining me in the Sacred Conversation and  all who made the Hunger Walk such a splendid event. Somewhere Anne Anderson and Bette Pancoe are smiling.
In representing LABC in the community I am often asked to offer a prayer at a public event. Here are two prayers from recent gatherings.
At the OCO “Fulfill the Promise to Oakland Students Action” this was my closing prayer –
God of Many Names,
We have gathered tonight to seek your blessing on Oakland, the Oakland Unified School District and the families the OUSD serves. You are the source of all insight, wisdom and learning. Grant us the will to work together, the wisdom to listen to each other’s views and the insight to plan together. Give us a living commitment to bring the best out in each other. Help us to build a family of schools for Oakland that supports the development of each child, offers a stimulating working environment for staff members, supplies comfort and security for the families of the students as well as inspiration to the entire community.
God of all, your truth is like light showing us the way to live our lives. As human beings, and as citizens of the world,  lead us that we may do justice, love kindness and walk humbly as sisters and brothers. Inspire us that we may dance to the harmonies of hope.
At the Kiwanis Club of Oakland Firefighter of the Year Luncheon I offered this Invocation. It is from the Xavier University (Cincinnati)Resource Website.
God of Mercy, God of Care,
I pray for the firefighters and paramedics that serve our communities. Thank You for their courage, dedication, and commitment in serving all around the globe. I thank You for their bravery and willingness to sacrifice their own well-being and many times risk their own lives in the service of others.
I pray for their protection. Keep them safe from harm and injury. Give them Your wisdom and guidance when faced with crucial decisions. Encourage and strengthen them mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Help them to overcome the stress and hardships that accompany their occupation.
May Your blessings be upon their homes and families. Give their families peace, comfort, courage and strength to cope with the sacrifices that are required.
I pray people everywhere would take time to pray for and personally give a word of encouragement and support to the rescue workers of their community.
God bless the rescue workers of the world.

Included in the prayers of the congregation:

Roxanne Jones (health), Dayle Scott (health), Alice Edmondson (health), Celestine Bennett as she cares for her sister, Carol Leichter (health), Carol Ash for Amber and Aries, All our grads and their families, Thanksgiving with Carolyn Matthews on her daughter’s new job, All who are grieving, All who are caring for loved ones, The ministries of our congregation and larger community as we seek to end homelessness, migrant injustice and end inequality in our education systems, Peggy Rogers-Tamayo for family and friends, Jeanne Robinson for her family, Doris Evans for her family, Mary Karne for her family, Ann Fields for her family, Zondra Martin for her family, Daphne Chin for her parents, The California Primary Elections, Tyrone Mack for Prince, All who are mourning the death of SF 49ers hero, Dwight Clark, Lari Wilkinson for Gregory and Jazmyne, Kay Baxter for her family, Karen Hopkins for Susan’s mom
Thanks to Chuck Johnston for developing this online church calander. Add it to your bookmarks.
From the Baptist Joint Committee on the Supreme Court’s Masterpiece Bakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruling.