Midweek Message

July 5, 2011

Jim Hopkins

July 5, 2011

Notes from Sunday’s Interfaith Celebration of Religious Freedom:
Imam Victor Shakir of Masjid Tasbeeh – “We must show concern and empathy for the stranger for we are all strangers at some point in our lives.”
Rabbi Jackie Mates-Muchin of Temple Sinai – “Religious traditions often find ways to define their circles of concern very narrowly when the spirit behind their sacred texts call for a broad definition.”
Pastor Jim Hopkins – “Christianity, Judaism and Islam all insist that hospitality is good for the recipient and the giver.  All point to the story of Abraham and Sarah providing hospitality to the three strangers at the Oaks of Mamre as evidence that hospitality is a portal into the presence of God.”
I was most happy with our worship this past Sunday.  My prayer is that we will continue to find ways to build relationships and work together with our sisters and brothers of other faith traditions.
This coming Sunday, July 10, I will reflect on what I learned on my recent trip to Alaska.  The  second verse of the beautiful and meaningful hymn Great Is Thy Faithfulness reads, “Summer and winter and springtime and harvest, sun, moon and stars in the courses above, join with all nature in manifold witness to Thy great faithfulness, mercy and love.” Using both photographs and the spoken word I will tell of the ways that glaciers, whales, sea otters, eagles and mountains are part of this manifold witness.
During this Sunday’s service we will also take a few moments to honor the life of Willa Jones.  Willa passed away at the Fruitvale Health Care Center, her home since 2002, on July 4.

Prayers of the Congregation

  • Thanksgiving for the life of Willa Jones
  • Mike Snyder as he mourns the death of his mentor, Frank
  • Edie Parrot as she mourns the death of her brother
  • Margaret Alexander for LaShaya
  • Jessie Guiton for her sister, Leola and her nephew, Howell
  • Arnold Anderson, Eden Hospital (broken hip)
  • Paul Keener for his mother, Gertrude
  • Cordia Lee for C.J and Felicia, Paige and John, Erica and Elijah, Alta Bates Summit Hospital and self
  • Paige Bence for her niece, Haylie
  • Kay Baxter for Jamie
  • Al Johnson for Roy, Anita and self
  • Jill Nesbitt for Julian as he travels to Russia
  • Warren Parker for Camille
  • David Bushrod for Alisha, Eric and David M.
  • Abdussamad Mohammed for the peace of Oakland
  • Bette Pancoe, Bay View Care Center in Almeda
  • Idella Berry, Excel Care Center in Oakland
  • Ted and Doris Evans for Charlotte
  • LeAnn Snow as she attends a conference in London
  • Karen Okusu for her mom
  • Joan Patten for Paula and John
  • Mary Karne for Mildred
  • Ann Fields for her family
  • Pat Hughes for her brother
  • The Kachin people of Burma (hostilities with the government)
  • Virginia Cheatham
  • Bonnie Sato as her chemotherapy continues
  • Lisa Pound for her husband Francisco (hospice care)
  • Sheila Sims for her parents
  • Dayle and Darlene Scott on the death of their daughter in law, Lisa


I hope that everyone who possibly can will join us for the church picnic following worship on Sunday. The cost is only $5.
The Forum series on Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor begins on July 17.  Contact Pastor Tanner to get a copy of the book ($10).  The Reverend Dr. Jim McAllister will be our guest leader.