Public Witness

July 26, 2018

Allison Tanner

July 25, 2018

We had a great week at Vacation Bible Camp, filled with joy, laughter, worship and learning. Here are a few nuggets on peacemaking I was reminded of as we immersed ourselves in a laboratory of peacemaking:
peacemakers pursue peace – we cannot just sit back and wait for peace, we have to work for it – we are invited as followers of Jesus to pursue peace in our lives and our world
peacemaking is messy work – peacemaking is more complicated than a bumper sticker slogan – it takes hard work, patience and persistence, and a willingness to learn from our failures and successes
peacemakers are imaginative – we are invited to think bigger than what is happening around us and beyond what we can see, utilizing whatever skills and resources we possess to create a better world
peacemakers are flexible and focused – we are flexible because we are creating something new – figuring it out as we go – and focused on what we long to create – real peace grounded in justice
peacemakers are collaborative – we team up with others and work together – trusting the community to strengthen the work of peace
peacemakers are joyful – peacemaking is an enterprise filled with love, laughter, deep connection, and community despite the pain of what is happening all around us – there is cause for joy because God is at work within us, through us, around us, and sometimes despite us – and we are ultimately participating in the work of God.
Happy are the peacemakers who continue to work for peace in our world.
Pastor Allison