Public Witness

July 25, 2019

Allison Tanner

July 25, 2019

If you worshiped with us on July 21, you got a taste of the fabulous week we had at Vacation Bible Camp. In addition to what all the kids learned all week, the teens and adults spent time each afternoon developing our leadership skills. Below are some (slightly paraphrased) insights we gleaned:

  • It’s hard to wear multiple hats – Angela
  • Kids really like stories – Kuniko
  • Be careful what you unknowingly sign up for – Ryan
  • Keep an eye out for the kids’ emotions – Elijah
  • Speaking in front of people isn’t that bad – Aly
  • I’m not good at improv – so practice is important! – Bryce
  • You can overthink something – Jesse
  • Preparation and sleep are essential – Jesus
  • Trust the team – Pastor Ally
  • Every experience you had in the past helps prepare you for today – Mariel
  • The kids really feed off of your energy – Bryce and Elijah
  • Don’t worry about looking dumb – it’s much more fun to get into it – Kuniko
  • Everything is a learning process. Not everything is going to feel comfortable. Sometimes that you still need to do what needs done. – Mariel

Thanks to all who helped make VBC an amazing week of joy, learning, fellowship and fun!

Pastor Allison