Midweek Message

January 25 Updates

Jim Hopkins

January 24, 2019

Some updates as we head towards Annual Meeting Weekend (OFBC Saturday 3:00, LABC Sunday 11:15):
Sheila Sims brother, Charles Tregle, died, early Wednesday morning after a long illness. Please let her know of our concern and prayers.
Dr. Nancy Hall, who has been doing such a fine job leading our “Art of Worship” series, sends this invitation to the LABC community to join “A Cry for Justice In Hymnody” class she is teaching with the hymn writer Dan Damon at ABSW in the spring semester.
I will be preaching from John 19: 16c-30 this Sunday as we reconsider the terms often used to describe God: omnipotent (all powerful), omnipresent (present everywhere), omniscient (all knowing).
Jim H.