Midweek Message

January 22, 2019

Jim Hopkins

January 22, 2019


Both Oakland First Baptist Church and Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church will conduct their annual meetings this weekend. The OFBC annual meeting will be on Saturday (26th) at 3:00 at OFBC. The LABC annual meeting will be on Sunday (27th) following worship in the Sanctuary.

Below is the agenda for the LABC meeting:

  1. Call to Order and Prayer
  2. Memorial Moments
  3. Presentation of Annual Report
  4. Financial Repor
  5. Approval of 2019 Budget
  6. Nominating  Committee Update
  7. New Business
  8. LABC Foundation Report
  9. Adjournment and Closing Blessing

Blessing to Close the Meeting

We are the people of God, sisters and brothers in Christ, bonded by grace through the Spirit.

We are encouraged and strengthened by the gifts of worship and community,

Let us go forth in faith, grateful for the past and carrying a vision of joyful hope for the future.

Let us embrace and transform our world with love. In the name of the Love that unites us. Amen!

A New Manual of Worship, Nancy E. Hall

Prayers of the Congregation

Amber Picou-Broadnax as she mourns the death of her father, Jennifer Pancoe as she mourns the death of Margaret Haworth (wife of former LABC Associate Pastor, the late Richard Haworth), Sheila Sims as she mourns the death of an uncle and prays for the health of her brother Chuck, Yvonne Potts as she mourns the loss of a cousin, Mikki Boyd as she mourns the death one an uncle and cares for another, Don Dresser (health), Jamie Reid (health), Cynthia Nelson (health), Jewelle Gibbs (health), Cecil White (health), Sandra Dunn (health),  Gloria and Phil for granddaughter Arielle (health), Mary Karne for daughter Maryla (health), LeAnn Flesher for her dad (health), Rafael Soto for his work colleagues and for the people of Puerto Rico, Marie Johnson (health), Julio Cash for his mother, Margaret Alexander for the federal employees who are trying to survive without paychecks, the homeless residents of the Bay Area, all our students, teachers and school employees, Margaret Oladoja, thanksgiving for the LABC office staff and volunteers, Roxanne Jones and Yvonne Potts as they remember deceased loved ones

From Pastor Tanner – thanks to all who participated in Sunday’s Forum discussion on what it would mean for Lakeshore to boycott Hewlett Packard products and become an official HP Free Church, in solidarity with the Palestinian people. I look forward to our discussion of this at Sunday’s Annual Meeting.