Midweek Message

January 2, 2017

Jim Hopkins

January 2, 2018

A Happy New Year to All,
Leadership will be the theme of the day for us this Sunday. Our annual Leadership Breakfast  (for members of all LABC Departments and Committees) will begin at 8:30. The Forum will highlight opportunities to continue living into our identity as a Sanctuary Congregation. In worship I will preach the first sermon of a series, “Forged In Crisis: Becoming the Leaders the World Needs Us to Be.” The schedule for the series is:

January 2018 Preaching Schedule

“Forged In Crisis: Becoming the Leaders the World Needs Us to Be”
(Based on the book Forged In Crisis: The Power of Courageous Leadership In Turbulent Times by Nancy Koehn, James E. Robinson chair of Business Administration, Harvard Business School)
A Premise: In different ways and different settings we are all leaders. We do ourselves and our communities a disservice by insisting “I am not a leader.” Rather, let us consider how we can best claim our identity as leaders in ways that serve the church and better the world.
January 7 (Epiphany Sunday, Come Forward Communion)
“Ernest Shackleton: Bring the Team Home Alive”
Matthew 14: 11-33
Following the example of Jesus, leaders are committed to making sure everyone in their community gets home safely.
January 14 (MLK Sunday)
“Abraham Lincoln: Save and Transform the Nation”
Mark 10: 35-45
Following the example of Jesus, leaders are able to help their communities see a larger purpose to their struggles.
January 21
“Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Resist Evil”
Matthew 5: 1-12
Following the example of Jesus, leaders make decisions that are subject to second-guessing.
January 28 (Annual Meeting)
“Rachel Carson: Protect the Earth and Its Creatures”
Matthew 6: 25-33
Following the example of Jesus, leaders see important lessons in the world around them.
February 4 (African-American History Month, Served In Pews Communion)
“Frederick Douglass: End Slavery Forever”
Luke 6: 46-49
Following the example of Jesus, leaders help other build and rebuild on sturdy foundations.

Prayers of the Congregation

  • All who are grieving
  • All who are traveling
  • All who begin the year with a sense of apprehension
  • All who who are working for justice
  • All who are providing care and compassion
  • Jewelle and James Gibbs for their son Geoffrey (health concerns)
  • Leslyn Henry and Anthony Marshall
  • Jesus for Max and Merle
  • Joyce Jones as she prepares to give birth
  • All our elected leaders
  • Thanksgiving for congregations like LABC
  • The people of Yemen, Syria, Puerto Rico and other war and storm ravaged countries
  • All our homebound members
  • All our students
  • Lloyd Scott on the death of his mother
  • Thanksgiving for all our partners in ministry and the good they do
  • Thanksgiving for our ministry of music