Public Witness

January 2, 2015

Allison Tanner

January 1, 2015

Last year, as the calendar turned to January, I was beginning my sabbatical – a time of rest, reflection, and embracing the gifts of life. In addition to resting my body, I was able to provide rest for my soul as I traveled to Germany and Italy. As I look to 2015, I want to re-claim the lessons I (re)learned from my resting and traveling.

  • Trust God
  • Enjoy moments with good friends
  • Stop and drink a cappuccino
  • Sometimes God comes to you – let God come to you
  • Adventures have their ups and downs
  • Time passes, but relationships can endure
  • Take time to walk – breathing in the fresh air
  • Down time and alone time are essential
  • Ministry emerges – let it emerge
  • Get the car fixed when you know it’s broken
  • Knowing German doesn’t help much in Italy
  • Kindness is understood in any language
  • Write postcards when you remember someone
  • Moments are fleeting, but beautiful – savor each unique moment
  • Allow the adventures to transform you
  • Life is sometimes meant to be enjoyed on its own terms – take time to let life dictate
  • Take a break to remember what you love and then let that remembrance guide you into the future
  • Life is good

May these life lessons guide my ministry in 2015 and we learn and grow in our faith together.