Public Witness

Interfaith Ceasefire Pilgrimage

Allison Tanner

March 9, 2024

Dear Lakeshore,

I encourage you to join me on March 23 for an Interfaith Pilgrimage for Ceasefire. This pilgrimage provides a way to pray with our feet, in community, for an immediate and sustained ceasefire in Gaza. It The full pilgrimage is 22 miles – the distance from Gaza City to Rafah that so many Gazans have had to travel. It will pass by all the congregations who have placed a Love Demands Permanent Ceasefire Now banner, including Lakeshore. Most people will walk a segment or two of the journey, trusting the larger community to collectively complete the full distance.

Below are the two segments  I will be walking – and I’d love some Lakeshore representation!

  • 3rd leg, 11:45 am – walk from Buddhist Church of Oakland (near Lake Merritt BART) to First Congregational Church, 1.5 miles. This section will have a mass participation focus and will include an Interfaith Vigil at First Congregational Church.
  • 4th leg, 1:00 pm – walk from First Congregational Church of Oakland to Lake Merritt Unified Methodist Church, 3.8 miles. This leg will pass by Plymouth UCC, Kehilla Synagogue and Lakeshore.

I am also looking for a few volunteers who would be willing to be at Lakeshore and offer simple hospitality to those who pass by. This would take place around 2-3 p.m.

This pilgrimage is part of a broader global Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage movement, taking place in 18 countries and 145 cities. People of all faith backgrounds and physical abilities are invited to participate, and those unable to walk are able to join in at our stopping points for community prayer and action.


Separately, anyone interested in learning more about the connections between what is happening in Gaza and the root causes behind it, check out this webinar I will be participating in: What’s Apartheid Got to Do With It: Understanding the Violent Structures Behind Israel’s War of Gaza, March 14 @ 10 a.m.

Praying for peace and working together for justice,

Pastor Allison