Public Witness

Good Friday Invitation to Action

Allison Tanner

April 2, 2021

On Good Friday we remember

  • God stands with and for the oppressed, no matter the cost
  • Innocent people are still being killed for the sins of the world
  • God rejects death-dealing theology and necropolitics
  • We must choose between the ways of death and the ways of life
  • The journey to resurrection leads us to the cross
  • Love abides 

As we reflect today on Jesus’ crucifixion, I want to offer two ways we can come together, like the women at the cross, to support one another and the ongoing work of standing with and for those who are oppressed.

Call to demand freedom for Gabby

Gabby Solano, an immigrant woman and survivor of domestic violence, was cruelly transferred to an ICE this week. Gabby was supposed to be released after spending over 20 years incarcerated due to the actions of her abuser and his acquaintances. Her family and community were ready to receive her with open arms, but Governor Newsom allowed California’s state prison system (CDCR) to work with ICE and detain Gabby for deportation. And despite a change in our country’s administration, immigrants and refugee survivors like Gabby are still facing the violence of detention and deportation. Please make a phone call on Gabby’s behalf today.

Call Fresno ICE Field Director: (559) 266-2083, then press 0

“Hi, my name is (or I am a community member) and I’m calling to demand the release of Gabby Solano (A#036-908-921). Gabby is an immigrant survivor of domestic violence. She was granted release under parole after unjustly serving time for actions of her abusive boyfriend and his acquaintances. ICE must use its power to grant prosecutorial discretion to release Gabby. Otherwise, Gabby will be cruelly deported to a country that she left as a baby and permanently separated from her loved ones. Gabby must be reunited with her family and community!”

Tell Congress: Say No to Home Demolitions

Home demolitions in East Jerusalem continue to intensify as Israel seeks to ethnically cleanse Palestinians and create more room for tourism. Our partners at Churches for Middle East Peace are asking for our support by contacting our representatives to pressure President Biden to live up to his commitment to oppose these demolitions. You can add your voice here.

Photo from Stop the Wall. You can read more about what’s happening in East Jerusalem here.

Additional Ways to Commemorate Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Resurrection Sunday

Good Friday – “Service of Seven Last Words” hosted on Zoom by Grace Baptist Church, San Jose. Pastor Jim will preach on the last word “Father, Into Your Hands I Commend My Spirit” 6:30 pm HTTPS://USO2WEB.ZOOM.US/J/82129919027

Communion -12:00-1:00 and 6:00-7:00 pm on the Church Steps

Holy Saturday – “Easter In Jerusalem” 9:00 am Easter in Jerusalem

“Anticipation of Easter Joy” 10:00 am, led by Pastor Carolyn on LABC Zoom

Easter Sunday – “Easter Sunrise Service with the San Francisico Kachin Baptist Church” 7:00 am Meeting ID 669 648 121

LABC Sunday Worship – “Beyond the Rooster’s Call” 10:00 am on LABC Zoom (Bible Study Class will follow)