Public Witness

For the Sake of the Children

Allison Tanner

November 10, 2023

City Hall in San Francisco, Nov 4, 2023

I DREAM of the day the kids of Palestine wake up to the sounds of BIRDS NOT BOMBS

May this be true for the kids of Palestine, the kids of Israel, Burma, Ukraine, Central America and throughout the world.

I encourage you to keep making phone calls to Congress to push them to take action to make this dream a reality. Below is an adaptation of Jesus’ words from Matthew 5 that I wrote to express my prayers in this moment. May we work together to demand the sacredness of the lives of all children – and all people.

Pastor Allison

God we pray for those who mourn – may they know comfort

We pray for those without power – may they be treated with dignity

We pray for the downtrodden – may they feel the support of their community

We pray for those who are able to remain kind – may they receive kindness

We pray for those who are innocent – may they stay connected to You

We pray for those who work for peace – may they be surrounded by your shalom

We pray for those who are attacked because they speak truth – may Divine truth vindicate them

We pray for those who are persecuted for insisting on love – may they find their way grounded in Your love

Grant us all the strength and the grace we need to live into your vision for our world. Amen