Public Witness

February 27, 2020

Allison Tanner

February 27, 2020

As I live into my new title, I am discerning how best to share updates of my work as Pastor of Public Witness. In an attempt to broaden the scope of LABC communications, I will post my monthly column on the church website, Facebook page, and via my blog. March’s contribution will highlight the importance of engaging in our political system as an expression of our deepest values – a timely reminder as we prepare to vote. You can read my column here:

Additionally, I invite you to join me at the Soup and Study table on 3rd Tues-days, where I will be leading a Bible Study on justice and public witness.

Invitations To Engage In Immigration Justice

Pilgrimage to Mesa Verde and Adelanto
April 9-10 – Join Interfaith Move-ment for Human Integrity for a Holy Week Pilgrimage to Mesa Verde and Ade-lanto Detention Centers to learn more about what is happening at these sites, visit detainees and participate in an Interfaith Prayer Vigil on Good Friday and Passover.

People Move: Breaking Down Barriers
Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America will hold their annual Summer Conference (a.k.a. Peace Camp) July 6-10 in San Diego. Their theme is People Move: Breaking Down Barriers and will include optional border-related excursions before and after the conference.

Lakeshore’s Sanctuary Working Group invites you to join our next planning meeting to learn more about immigration justice and how individuals and the congregation can get involved. We next meet at 12:30 on Sunday, March 15.

Praying for Peace, Working for Justice,
Pastor Allison