Midweek Message

February 21, 2012

Jim Hopkins

February 21, 2012

Many have noted their appreciation for Howard Thurman’s prayer “O God, I Need Thee.”  Jan Scott sent me a note saying she had the honor of meeting Dr. Thurman and that his poem/prayer “Threads”  had been been meaningful to her for many years.  I am glad to be able to share it with you today.
Only one of the the threads, I hold in my hand. The threads fo many ways, linking my life with other lives.
One thread comes from a life that is sick; it is taut with anguish and alwaysthere is the lurking fear that life will snap. I hold it tenderly. I must not let it go . . .
On thread comes from a high-flying kite; It  quivers with the mighty current of fierce and holy dreaming invading the common day with far-off places and visions bright . . .
One thread comes from the failing hands of an old, old friend. Hardly aware am I of the moment when the tight line slackened and there was nothing at all – nothing . . .
One thread is but a tangled mass that won’t come right; Mistakes, false starts, lost battles, angry words – a tangled mass; I have tried so hard, but it won’t come right . . .
One thread is a strange thread – it is my steadying thread; When I am lost, I pull it hard and find my way.  When I am saddened I tighten my grip and gladness glides along its quivering path; When the wast places of my spirit  appear in arid confusion, the thread becomes a channel of newness of life.
One thread is a strange thread.  God’s hand holds the other end . . .
Our 2012 celebration of African-American History Month comes to a happy conclusion this Sunday with Hat Sunday and our Soul Food Dinner. Thanks to the AAHM Committee led by Carolyn Matthews and staffed by Pastor Tanner for their good work that we have been the glad beneficiaries of throughout the month of February.

Prayers of the Congregation

  • Shirley Jones (gaining strength at home)
  • Annelle Clute
  • Susan Joachim
  • Joan Patten for Peter and Clio
  • Dwight Dickerson for his family
  • All who are traveling
  • Phil and Gloria Meads  for Caroleen, Jon and students in schools and colleges
  • Paige Bence for Feleicia Walker on the death of ther grandfather
  • Jeanette Paige of her dad and her grandson Joshua (concussion in a basketball game)
  • The ministry of our Hunger Task Force
  • The Seafarers Ministry of the Golden Gate
  • The ministry of the Samaritan Neighborhood Center
  • The Grand Lake Gardens Community as it mourns the death of Adnan Hassan
  • Thanksgiving with Bonnie Sato for improved health
  • Thanksgiving with Sandra Dunn that she is back at work
  • Carol Leichter for Steve
  • Marc and Helen Harrison for Marc’s dad


Ash Wednesday Vigil Times (Self Guided Prayer and Reflection in the Sanctuary): 7:00-8:00 am, 11:00-12:30, 5:00-6:30 pm.