Midweek Message

February 15, 2011

Jim Hopkins

February 15, 2011

It is the day after Valentines Day. I still have a couple of love quotes on my desk so allow me to share the love.
“The first duty of love is to listen.”  Paul Tillich’
“Whole books have been written about the meaning of the Hebrew word “hesed,” here (Psalm 23) translated  as “mercy,” more commonly rendered “lovingkindness.”  I like to think of hesed as “unearned love.”  In interpersonal terms, hesed asks us to (it does not demand; love cannot be commanded) to go beyond the letter of the law in order to fashion a more human world.  Its asks us to do things for others we don’t have to do and the that the other party might not deserve, but we should do them anyway.”
Erica Quinn will be our preacher this Sunday.  Her sermon will be “Undertaking Understanding.”  Declan Brown and Harold Cotton will lead the Forum.  Their topic will be “Novelists, Photographers and Photography.”

Prayers of the Congregation

  • Thanksgiving that Bettigene Johnson was with us in worship.
  • Thanksgiving that Virginia Damretzky was with us as well.
  • Joan Patten on the death of her beloved cat Suzy and beloved dog Jenny
  • The family and friends of John Pendleton as we gather to remember him
  • Brenda McCarthy for the Maldano Family and for Mr. Walt
  • Ann Fields for her Family
  • Alodia Corpuz for her friend Minda
  • Thanksgiving with Carol Leichter for friends who care for Steve
  • Kay Baxter for Jamie, Curt McKee and John Heyl
  • Thanksgiving with Ally on the successful defense of her dissertation
  • Shirley Jones for her brother and nephew
  • Ethan Hopkins – broken wrist
  • Edna Dorenzo
  • Joan Thatcher
  • John Hayes – I had lunch with John on Monday his sends his greetings to all
  • John Sargeant – surgery on Tuesday
  • Norman Allen and all the homeless of Oakland
  • All our shuts in
  • The people of Egypt and all the people of the globe who yearn for freedom
  • Willa Jones – ICU Summit Hospital
  • Glenn Knight and family – Glenn is in the SNF at Piedmont Gardens

Jim H.