Midweek Message

February 14, 2017

Jim Hopkins

February 14, 2017

Dear LABC,
Happy Valentines Day. As I write it is Monday morning the 13th. The local news is dominated by reports that 200,000 residents of the Oroville area have been evacuated because of concerns that both the spillway and the emergency spillway of the Oroville Dam have been compromised and that there is the potential that water pouring out of the filled to capacity Oroville Reservoir could cause major flooding in the area. We pray for all those who are displaced and for the officials who need to find both  temporary and long-term solutions to these issues. There is something of a cautionary tale here for all of us along the lines to paying attention to concerns before they reach the crisis level, about doing adequate preparation before the inevitable storms sweep in. Did Jesus not say something about building our houses upon the rock?
I am looking forward to welcoming a good friend, the Reverend Ken Chambers, to our pulpit on Sunday. His sermon, taken from the 2nd chapter of Philippians, will be “Love, Unity and Humility.”  Ken, the pastor of Westside Baptist Church, is an Oakland native who has long been committed to the peace of our city, to the well-being of all who call Oakland home. When I need help understanding the forces at play in a local issue I often turn to Ken to help me sort things out. After Ken preaches for us, he and I will drive over to Westside for their 11:30 service where I will preach for that congregation. I would be most honored if some of you were able to join me in representing Lakeshore at Westside, 732 Willow St.

Prayers of the Congregation

  • Carol Leichter for her friend, Linda, as she mourns the death of her husband
  • Celestine Bennett for her sisters, Constance and Carolyn
  • Ruben Artery and Cecil White for Ruben’s family
  • The Meads family for Dena
  • Rick McKillop for his mom Marion (health) and his daughter Jamie (workplace)
  • Rowena Jackson for the Hopkins family
  • Jamie and Kay for Stacey
  • Evan Wilkinson and family as he recuperates from another surgery
  • Ted and Doris Evans
  • Warren and Camille Parker
  • Jewelle Gibbs (foot surgery)
  • The Picou-Broadnax family for Aaliyah
  • Alean Saunders-Coffey for her daughter-in-law and family
  • Mary Karne for Maryla
  • Dorothy Paul for her mom
  • Ann Fields for Bryan
  • Jeanne Robinson (hand surgery)
  • Joan Thatcher (Piedmont Gardens SNF)
  • Jeanette Paige for her father, and herself, as she cares for him
  • Toni Daniels
  • Margaret Oladoja and family
  • Sydney Webster as she preaches at Elmhurst Presbyterian Church
  • Thanksgiving for the ministry of Donna Allen
  • Thanksgiving for the ministry of Laura Landgraf


I know you will enjoy it if you can drop by this Saturday’s  African American Arts, Books, Food, Health and Music Festival for a even few moments. The festival will be held in Barnett Hall and will run from 10-4. The order of events is:

10:00 Black Art Vendors Opens

11:00 Soul Food Kitchen Opens

12:00 Live Jazz and RB Music (“Total Focus” featuring Dr. Ronald Burris)

1:00 Oakland Youth Poetry (“Young, Gifted and Black”)

2:00 AAHM Oratorical Contest