Midweek Message

“Far Beyond The Stars” – But Not Out Of Reach

Carolyn Matthews

January 27, 2022

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is my favorite of the Trek series. As February approaches, I revisited the episode from Season 6, titled, “Far Beyond the Stars.” In it station commander Benjamin Sisko becomes frustrated at the loss of another of his friends to the ongoing war. He considers abandoning his command but is sent a dream/vision that takes place in a large urban city in the 1950’s.  He is one of a group of writers of science fiction that works for a magazine. The readers do not know he is a “Negro” so he is asked to stay home on the day they take pictures because, “no one wants to read something written by a Negro.” Of course when he writes the “fiction” story of a space station with a black commander there is push back. There is more to the episode as it touches on the animosity of the police toward black people, segregation, and the general inhumane treatment of black people. Near the end of the episode, he (Sisko) asserts, “I am a human being” and although the issue of the magazine containing the story is scrapped, he says, “you cannot destroy an idea.” His forward look into the future is the hope that things will get better.

African American history month reminds us that truth cannot be hidden forever.  It gives us the opportunity to come to the realization of how much we are all dependent on one another; that each of us has contributed to the building of this country; that it takes all of us working to together to be the best we can be. We remember those who did not lose hope that justice and equality before the law at times seemed “far beyond the stars” but not out of reach.

About the Soul Food Dinner

We are limiting our in person events in February so what would have been the potluck soul food dinner will take place via ZOOM after church. Last year we produced a book of recipes which was distributed to members (if you do not still have your copy or want a copy please send me an email).  This year we are inviting you to use that resource to make a dish and share a story about it.  How does it remind you about family, friends, or some other time or place in your past or even present? Although the booklet can be a resource you are invited to participate with any family dinner or recipe you would like to share with the group.

Since this will take place during the forum our time will be limited. For this reason in order to plan wisely and incorporate other features in the program we are asking people to sign up ahead of time if they desire to share with the group that day. It will be a hybrid event so whether at home or at church you will have an opportunity to take part.

If you would like to participate please contact Pastor Carolyn or Ms. Sheila Sims via email. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing on the fourth Sunday.

(For more information about the February events, see your February transmitter and/or the AAHM brochure)

Upcoming Meetings

Saturday, January 29
9:00 AM – LABC Reads, The Dry, Jane Harper
10:00 AM – Time for Prayer (Psalm 95)

Sunday, January 30
10:00 AM – Worship (Copies of the Annual Report will be available in the narthex)
11:45 AM – Adult Bible Study
12:30 PM – Annual Congregational Meeting (via church ZOOM)

Tuesday, February 1
6:00 PM – Public Witness Bible Study

Wednesday, February 2
10:30 AM – Public Witness Prayer and Bible Study

Special Event

Sunday, February 6
6:00 PM – FIRESIDE CHAT ON UKRAINE – One of our members, Dr. Monica Eppinger, is a highly regarded expert on the country of Ukraine. She will join us on Zoom to make a short presentation and then engage in a time of Q & A regarding the situation involving Ukraine, Russia, the USA and the world.