Midweek Message

#Faithful Fridays

Allison Tanner

April 24, 2020

ICE detainees at Mesa Verde Detention Center
Faith Leaders joining hearts (not hands) in Berkeley

Last Friday, I stood with 29 other faith leaders to send a message of solidarity to ICE detainees on hunger strike, a message of urgency to Governor Newsom to do everything in his power to free detainees, and a message of outrage to ICE leadership about their deplorable and deadly practices. This Friday, I invite you to join me in amplifying these messages of hope, justice, solidarity and joint struggle.

Our action was in direct response to inmates at Mesa Verde Detention Center in Bakersfield. On Good Friday, several dorms went on hunger strike due to the harsh conditions they were enduring, as well as their inability to practice social distancing or protect themselves from COVID-19. The photo above, left, is of detainees sending a message of love and dignity to the larger community, inviting us to stand with them. The photo on the right, taken last Friday, was our response. Please join us today, as we continue to work together to liberate those in detention.

Join us this #FaithfulFriday to lift up the faith voice and call on Governor Newsom to #HaveAHeart and #FreeThemAll!

There are four ways you can join us: 

Below is a graphic to post, along with your own heart photo. For messaging, more ideas on the actions you can take, or more info on the deadly conditions detainees are enduring check out: bit.ly/HaveAHeart-Toolkit.

Take action today to share the love sent to us from ICE detainees in their journey toward liberation!