Lent & Advent

Faith Reflection on the Saturday Before Easter

Jim Hopkins

March 30, 2018

I really enjoy the parade LABC hosts on the Saturday before Easter. The laughter of the children is a joy. However, more deeply rooted in my heart and mind are images and memories of time spent in columbariums, crypts and cemeteries on Easter Saturday. Maybe it was what I brought to these moments, maybe it was the promise of Easter itself, yet, in those memorable times I am convinced that the in the distance I could hear faint drumbeat of grace, that in the air I could sense the stirrings of resurrection.  Admittedly, to hear the drumbeat, to sense the stirrings , the imagination of faith was required. Yet, once discerned, the message was clear –  that which is seen is not permanent,  beneath the surface of our perceptions God is at work to make all things new.
When I stop to think about it, the possibility arises; is one of the reasons that our Easter Parade is  such fun  for the little ones that they are much more attune than we adults to the reality that something strange and wonderful is in the air?
“Behold, I am making all things new.” (Revelation 21;5)