Public Witness

Ending ICE Detention – one center at a time

Allison Tanner

March 1, 2023

Lakeshorians outside of Yuba Detention Facility last summer, praying for an end to detention and access to thriving communities

On February 12, Yuba County Jail officially ended its contract with ICE thus closing down its detention center. Yuba was the last California county to partner with ICE, and this marks a major turn in our state’s work to separate itself from the unnecessary harm and inhumanity of immigration detention. As part of our Pilgrimage to End Detention last summer, several Lakeshorians visited Yuba Detention Center and have participated in the work of advocating for its closure. Yuba is particularly significant to Lakeshore because that is where our friend Oscar was released before he came to stay with us in 2020. On Sunday, March 19, immediately following worship Lakeshorians will participate in a celebration of this closure outside Yuba County Jail. If you are interested in joining us, please let me know.

There are six remaining detention centers in California, all run by for profit companies. These centers are notorious for their inhumane conditions including inadequate medical care, expired food served at mealtimes, astronomical prices for basic commissary items, sexually abusive pat downs, and retaliation. Right now, over 70 individuals inside Mesa Verde ICE Processing Center (Bakersfield) and Golden State Annex (McFarland) are undertaking a Hunger Strike to protest the conditions they are enduring. You can learn more about the Hunger Strike here.

I encourage you to send and email and make a phone call in support of the hunger strikers and to demand release of those detained at Mesa Verde and Golden State Annex.


Thank you for your ongoing support of our immigrant community seeking justice, humanity and liberation.


Pastor Allison