Midweek Message

Easter Season – Wednesday, May 27

Jim Hopkins

May 26, 2020


I would appreciate it if you respond to this one question survey. It will help your LABC leaders as we plan. Thanks to Pastor Carolyn for setting it up.


In these days when the “Re-Opening” of churches is much in the news this Podcast, featuring Amanda Tyler, executive Director of the Baptist Joint Committee For Religious Liberty and Holly Holman. BJC’s General Counsel, offers some important insights.

This article from Baptist News Global, featuring Pastor Dave Robinson and Grace Baptist Church of San Jose, reminds us that most churches were never really closed.

Prayers for you all, especially those who are feeling very isolated, in these warm days of late May. We give thanks that Joan Patten is home from the hospital, remember Jan Scott as she prepares for surgery on Friday and hold all who mourn in our hearts. We stand with those who are torn down by the racist attacks and the racist realities that mark this time.

Jim H.

P. S. Something to look forward to when we do return…