Midweek Message

Easter Season – Thursday, May 7

Jim Hopkins

May 6, 2020

Enveloping Love and Endless Compassion
Rev. Katey Zeh

Holy God, the one who connects us all, in these chaotic times we are mindful of how fragile our world is and how vulnerable we are. Our defenses are down, and our fear is turned up. We long for clarity and answers that will bring reassurance and hope.

In the absence of certainty, may we cling to your enveloping love and endless compassion.

Christ, who brings good news to the oppressed, we are outraged by the greed, selfishness, and individualism on display in this global crisis. Though at times we feel powerless, we know that you are with us as we continue the work of justice.

In our moments of anger, may we feel the loving power of your presence that never wavers, and may we be guided by your wisdom as we cry out for justice.

Spirit of Love, our brains are spiraling with racing thoughts of what is to come in the days ahead. We are inundated with news and data, and we are left wondering what decisions to make in impossible situations.

On our sleepless nights and in our fearful wakefulness, may we encounter your peace that eases our anxiety and calms our worried minds.


(Thanks again to Rick Mixon for the above, and all the good resources, he is providing through his daily post, Reflection in a Time of Crisis)

Time Changes for LABC Gatherings

Together in Spirit meets tonight at its accustomed time, 6:00 p.m., to study the Book of Ruth. You can join in via the LABC Zoom Link.

Beginning next Tuesday, No Soup, But Study will also begin meeting at 6:00 p.m. meaning that both of our week night Bible studies for adults begin at the same time.


Tomorrow, there will be not be a Time to Connect. However, everyone is urged to join Pastor Tanner online for Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity’s monthly vigil. It will begin at 11;30 a.m..

Looking Toward Mother’s Day – During our Mother’s Day Worship Service there will be a time for all the children to share Mother’s Day greetings. If there are children in your life please encourage them to be with us and to be prepared.