Midweek Message

Easter Season – Saturday, May 9

Jim Hopkins

May 8, 2020

From the Grace Baptist Church, San Jose, Chimes

Mother’s Day
by Louann Roberts
and Jo Robinson

Mother’s day is complicated and for many people, not all-together happy for a variety of reasons. Mother’s day this year (Sunday, May 10) is complicated further by the Shelter-in-place situation due to the global pandemic. Yet, what was true for moms and grandmothers before this virus crisis, is still true – being a mom/grandmother is their most valued identity.

How can you show your mother/ grandmother how important and valued they are?
Mothers love being with their families so use the tools available to connect with her. Use Zoom (there’s free version), facetime, texting words of love, text about your everyday activities, send photos, and videos randomly. If online is not an option – call her on the phone, mail cards and photos.
What to talk about?
Ask about her interests presently and past interests, ask for advice and what she finds important in life, ask about family history – then let her tell you. Record it so you’ll have it to pass onto the grand and great grand kids. All of these tell her that she’s on your mind and heart. These ideas are not a good substitute for inter-personal connection. We’re all missing (HUGS and face to face talks!!) but it helps.

Both little kids and adult kids miss being together with their parents and grandparents. With no end in sight to this pandemic, there’s a fear in us that we won’t get to be with our mothers for a long time, or perhaps never. Let’s reach out to Moms and Grandmothers. Let’s love them as much and as long as we are able.. everyday.

Happy Mother’s Day.


Looking Toward Mother’s Day – During our Mother’s Day Worship Service there will be a time for all the children to share Mother’s Day greetings. If there are children in your life please encourage them to be with us and to be prepared.

A Time For Prayer meets today at 10:00 a.m.

Please remember Peggy Kutter and family, as well as the American Baptist family, on the death of The Reverend Dr. Joe Kutter, one of our tradition’s most respected leaders.