Midweek Message

Easter Season – Monday, May 11

Jim Hopkins

May 10, 2020

Family, Today’s message is from Minister in Residence Sandra Lee, who will be leading our worship service on May 17th. Prayers for you all as you live the faith we share this week. Jim H.

While this year we won’t be able to celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander month in person, Lakeshore will still have our own events on Zoom, as well as suggested programming on TV and the internet, focusing on Asian Americans. We invite you to participate and learn!

PBS is premiering a new 5-hour documentary, “Asian Americans” this week. The 5-hour series is an overview of 150 years of Asian American history, using a chronological timeline, shares some of the many challenges and contributions of Asians Americans and Pacific Islanders in America. It will, I hope, show that while we have often been overlooked and dismissed as only being quiet, good students, or people who eat strange food, we are so much more, and have brought creative ideas and energy as we emigrated to the United States, raised our families, contributed to community life, and when finally allowed, became American citizens.

The series will be shown in two parts on Monday and Tuesday nights, May 11th and 12th. The program airs on KQED channel 9, in the SF Bay Area. Parts 1-2 will air on Monday from 8PM to 10PM and Parts 3-5 on Tuesday from 8PM to 11PM. I hope that you can take the time to watch and think about the history of Asians in America, especially in light of the racism that seems to be more freely expressed as we face the many changes in daily life brought about by the appearance of the Covid 19 virus.

Here are a few links to previews and excerpts:

“Asian Americans” Preview

A Louisiana Family Discovers their South Asian Roots: Moksad and Ella

They Liked to Pit the Mexicans against the Filipinos

I Was Trying to Figure Out Who I Was

I hope you’ll take the time to watch the series and I’m looking forward to sharing more with you this month, as I preach on Sunday May 17th and as we hear from several guest speakers later this month.

With hope in these challenging days,
Sandra Lee