Midweek Message

Easter Season – Friday, May 29

Jim Hopkins

May 28, 2020


On Tuesday evening Professor Russell Jeung, Chair of the Department of Asian Studies at San Francisco State University shared his research into the racial attacks and hate crimes Asian Americans have suffered in Oakland since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. His findings are startling. The current wave of venom rivals that experienced by Asian immigrants to California in the 19th century when “reputable” newspapers referred to them as the “Yellow Peril.” When asked how LABC could respond Professor Jeung urged us to sign the following statement by the Asian American Christian Collaborative. I have done so and thus share it with you for your consideration and reflection.


On Wednesday evening the United States passed the 100,000 deaths mark from the pandemic. We live in a city of 400,000 citizens. Imagine one quarter of our number dead in a matter of weeks. Grief abounds in our land.

In the face of the physical and moral devastation the words of the ancient prophet found in the Book of Lamentations ring true – How lonely sits the city that was once full of people. How like a widow she has become, she that’s great among the nations…she weeps bitterly in the night, with tears on her cheeks; among all her lovers she has no one to comfort her.
(1:1-2a NRSV)

It is indeed a time to lament. In the words of the poet, William Cowper, “Grief is itself a med’cine.”


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