Midweek Message

Easter Season – Friday, April 17

Jim Hopkins

April 16, 2020


In the midst of any crisis, particular a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, we tend to minimize, even forget, other crises we have faced. For instance, though I remember the feelings of anger, fear, shock and vulnerability I had upon learning the Alfred P. Murrow Federal Building in Oklahoma City (many of the victims were connected to the building’s childcare center) had been bombed, I was completely surprised when I read Mitch Randall’s important reflection reminding us that April 19th will be the 25th Anniversary of that act of domestic terrorism by a white nationalist.

I commend Mitch’s words to you, particularly the understanding that, “There remains a need for good people practicing good faith to unite behind the goal of creating diverse, just and peaceful communities.”


Prayers for grace, wisdom and strength,

Jim H.

Gatherings: Today – A Time To Reflect, 12:00 p.m.; Tomorrow – A Time For Prayer, 10:00 a.m.