Lent & Advent

Easter Reflection – by Leon Taylor

Allison Tanner

April 18, 2018

From God’s Point of View

I created a paradise and, within this paradise, an incredible garden. I placed my most beloved creation, people, as caretakers. The garden was self sustaining and required no work. It provided everything the caretakers needed to exist. There was only one rule. Violate this one rule and there would be consequences. So – they violated that rule. I had to evict them. Now they had to work for a living and began to covet what they didn’t have. Jealousy, greed, murder, war, and all other forms of mayhem ensued. People were out of control. So I gave them ten simple rules to follow. I sent them prophets. I constantly delivered them from catastrophes. But they continued to go astray. Therefore, I sent my beloved only begotten son in human form to redeem them, to teach them, to be a living example. At their hands, he suffered humiliation, pain, and death. Even so, he was able to leave a legacy of how life should be lived. He showed the power of Peace, Hope, Love and defeated death.
Now, more than two thousand years later, I look at the world. I see jealousy, greed, murder, war, and all other forms of mayhem (does that sound like an echo?). Is it that difficult for humans to obey ten rules? Was Christ’s mortal life, suffering, and death all in vain? No, because Christ was victorious over death and proved that faith and love can overcome all obstacles. But then, You are the people – what do you think?
— Leon Taylor