Midweek Message

Easter Gives Way to Pentecost: A Follow-up

Jim Hopkins

May 17, 2018

As we honor the gift of the Holy Spirit I find it important to note that a major role of God’s Spirit within us is to move us, nudge us and even shove us toward needed repentance. My prayer is thus that all of us, including our current President, will repent of expressing, supporting or even partially buying into the “These are not humans, these are animals” view of immigrants, prisoners, foreigners, political foes and others.
The Spirit also gives us the ability to honestly lament and once again, following the murder pf at least ten high school students in Santa Fe,  Texas, we must again lament the rampant loss of young lives in our country even as we must lament our failure to take meaningful preventative measures.
Lord Have Mercy,
Pastor Jim

Further Notes

In keeping with our Pentecost tradition I encourage everyone to wear red to church this Sunday.
My Beloved reminds me to ask prayer for our sister-in-law’s mom, Helen, who is in the midst treatments to reduce the size of some tumors on her brain.
Our Muslim neighbors are celebrating Ramadan through June 16th. Ramadan Kareem, a generous Ramadan, to all. (Ramadan celebrates the first revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad.)
Congratulations Channing Nesbitt!