Public Witness

Dr. King’s Radical Legacy

Allison Tanner

January 19, 2024

As I mourn the unconscionable disregard for humanity and appeal for the release of all hostages, I, once again, passionately urge a ceasefire and immediate deployment to Gaza of additional, crucial life-saving supplies at the scale needed. We can’t wait. – Bernice A. King

Last Monday, 4 generations of Lakeshorians participated in Oakland’s march honoring the radical legacy of Dr. King. We offered a litany to an interfaith crowd lifting up prophetic words from Dr. King’s Beyond Vietnam speech – just as needed today as when he preached them in 1967. You can view this litany on LABC’s Facebook page.

As we continue to honor Dr. King’s dream for all humanity, may we continue to live out his radical legacy for our nation and our world.

Onward together,

Pastor Allison