December 6, 2019

Jim Hopkins

December 6, 2019


I have received news today of two deaths. Lorraine Weese, who reached her 100th birthday on December 1st, died at her home in Fairfield. Lorraine served her country, loved her family and, when I first arrived at Lakeshore, was a member of the office staff. It was a delight to be in her presence.

The Reverend Dr. Peter Yuichi-Clark, Professor of Pastoral Care at the American Baptist Seminary of the West and Director of Spiritual Care at UCSF Hospital died at his home in Alameda. Peter shaped a generation of religious leaders and spiritual care-givers. He and his family were part of the Lakeshore family when they first arrived in the Bay Area around the year 2000.

As we give thanks for the lives of Lorraine and Peter these words from “The grief of Advent,” an essay by Claire Hein Benton, seem fitting – “Christmas, and even Easter, do not remove the sting of knowing someone is not there. Surely both give us hope that death does not have the final word, but grief is still a painful reality.

Love Abides,

Jim H.