Public Witness

December 3, 2021

Allison Tanner

December 3, 2021

Public Witness Forum, December 5 – Last month, Sergio Jaime began attending worship with us. Sergio is an asylum seeker from Nicaragua who is part of the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity family. He comes to us seeking community. Sergio will share his personal story of being forced to flee his country for safety, being caught in the politics of immigration in both Mexico and the United States, and his longing to be reunited with his wife and two small children. I hope you can join us in welcoming Sergio, getting to know him better, hearing how our broken immigration system has affected his journey and how we can support him. NOTE: the Forum will take place both in the Sanctuary and on Zoom.

November’s Forum featured Equal Exchange, an organization that is part of an alternative economic supply chain that helps address the root causes of migration. If you’d like to purchase fair trade items from worker owned small farms, I have the items below available. These items make great gifts that also help us incarnate the values of our faith in this Advent season.

  • Tea $3/box (20 teabags): Earl Grey, Black Ginger and English Breakfast
  • Hot Chocolate $6/container (12 oz.)
  • Organic Peanut Butter $8/jar (16 oz.)

Public Witness Bible Study, December 7 and 8 – In December, we will look at Advent Scriptures that point to the realities of hope, peace, joy, love, and the promise of Emmanuel. Having wrestled with the horrific histories of the Doctrine of Discovery and the hardships of the Ohlone people (the ancient caretakers of the land we call the Bay Area), we will celebrate the inbreaking of hope and the presence of God with us.

May God bless our ongoing efforts to engage in public witness together.

Pastor Allison