Public Witness

December 3, 2015

Allison Tanner

December 4, 2015

With Thanksgiving behind us, the chaos of Christmas preparations threatens to consume. Every year I seem to somewhat succumb to the stress of the season, but every year, I work to minimize the effects. This year is no different. I plan to arm myself with a combination of devotional reading, journaling, prayer and mediation to keep me grounded in the hope, peace, love and joy of Christmas.
No one spiritual practice is perfect, and if you like variety like I do, you may enjoy switching up your routine. Below are a few tools I will turn to, depending daily on what I need and what my schedule permits. I encourage you to choose a practice that will help keep you grounded this holiday season, and focused on a faithful approach to the holiday season – amidst all the fun!

  • Advent devotionals – available in the Narthex, these booklets provide a few paragraphs of reflection each day to center your spirit
  • Morning BREW – I’ve started taking about 5-20 minutes most days to pray and mediate on the following four themes: Be still; Receive God’s love; Embrace yourself, others and creation; Welcome the day
  • Evening Question – I keep a journal by my bedside to answer one of the following questions at the end of the day: Where did God show up today? What might God be teaching you from all you’ve experienced today? Where are you continuing to learn and grow?

I learned the last two techniques at the Space for Grace conference I recently attended and have benefited from integrating them into my routine.
Peace and sanity, as we journey together toward another Christmas,