Midweek Message

December 11, 2018

Jim Hopkins

December 11, 2018

Dear LABC,
As always, it is good to walk the road of Advent with you. This Sunday, the third Sunday of Advent, we will light the Candle of Joy. Fittingly, in three of the Bible readings for this Sunday (Zephaniah, Isaiah and Philippians) singing and rejoicing are central themes. However, in the fourth (Luke), the focus is on repentance. What possible connection is there between the “Sing aloud” of Zephaniah, the “Sing praises to the LORD” of Isaiah, the “Rejoice in the Lord always” of Philippians and the “Bear fruit worthy of repentance” of John the Baptist as recorded in Luke? Could the answer be that our songs of praise prepare us to hear a needed word? Is the connection that words of joy help us take a stand for justice?

Prayers of the Congregation

Jo Robinson as she begins her second week of daily radiation treatments; Jesus Portillo – for his brother Al and for Jessica’s mother; Jim and Bev Jeffery – for grandson, Cornelius; Marie Johnson- Park Bridge Convalescent Hospital (recovering from surgery); Don Dresser – recuperating from surgery); Celestine Bennett – caring for her sister; Carol Ash- for her family; Sheila Sims – for her mother and her brother; All who have been affected by fires in our state; Jim Dorr; Jill Nesbitt – for her family; Gloria M. – for the sick and hurting; Barbara Bowman – for family members facing medical tests; Jewelle Gibbs – for her sister and her family;  Dale Edmondson as he speaks three times in the Philippines in memory of the American Baptist missionaries who were martyred at Hopevale on December 20, 1943; all who walk the road of recovery in the face of addiction; Jim H. – for John and Carol Townsend; Jamie Reid; Cathy Leaks; Thanksgiving with Tyrone Mack on the news he is going to be a grandfather again; Thanksgiving that Pastor Tanner has returned home tired yet safely;  Alice Butler – for her brother in law, Weldon; Brian Byamukama (still in Kenya); Sandra Dunn; John Lee – for his sister, Cordia; Thanksgiving with Elmo Ray Arciaga (LCC Teacher) on the birth of his daughter; Mary Anderson – health concerns; Rafael Soto for all the employees of PGE, especially those who lost homes in the Camp Fire; John and Laura Landgraf (healing for Laura’s eye); Mary Karne and family


  • The memorial service for Irene Jennings will be this Saturday at 11:00 in the Sanctuary
  • Please stay after church this Sunday and help  wrap presents for our Sponsor a Family ministry
  • The Christmas Eve Service is at 6:00 p.m., Stan’s prelude will begin at 5:40