COVID-19 Precautions

Jim Hopkins

March 7, 2020


I am sorry to send yet another email but in light of several local county health departments recommending that people aged sixty and over avoid gatherings of fifty or more people we are going to take two precautionary actions at LABC to limit COVID-19 exposure risk. Both of them can be described as “social distancing” actions and will be in force until the exposure risk diminishes.

  1. The Passing of the Peace will not be part of the worship.
  2. Coffee Hour will be cancelled.

I hate to do this because coming to church and interacting with others is a central expression of our community-formed faith and we are already isolated from each other in so many ways. However, these seem to be prudent steps that are less extreme than canceling services, meetings and classes.

The San Francisco Chronicle summarized the words of a Solano County public health official, worried both about addressing the spread of the coronavirus and the affects of enforced social isolation, as this – “Book clubs for seniors are fine, so long as everyone its a few feet apart. Ball room dancing, however, should probably be out, for now.”

I look forward to seeing you in church.
Jim H.