Public Witness

Chaos, Carnage and Fierce Compassion

Allison Tanner

October 13, 2023


United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

Dear Lakeshore,

These are terrifying times for Gazans, Israelis, and all Palestinians. Lakeshore’s Jewish partners are fearful for their communities in the U.S. and their loved ones in Israel. They are also terrified by the ways in which this violence is being used to perpetrate even more large scale violence upon Palestinians – including further displacement, dispossession and death. Lakeshore’s Palestine partners are overwhelmed with meeting the direct needs of the moment and preparing for the worst. Desperately trying to stay connected to colleagues and loved ones who are living under siege, they are asking the international community to put and end to the violence of this moment as well as the violence of occupation and apartheid they have been enduring for decades.

The dire realities for the people of Gaza in this moment cannot be overstated. We are on verge of Israel enacting genocide in Gaza, and these actions are supported by our government.

Below are several actions you can take to disrupt the movement to inflict further violence. There will also be an opportunity following worship for us to come together to lament, offer prayers, ask questions, voice concerns and take action.

In these days of chaos and carnage, we are called to practice fierce compassion for all who are grieving, all who live in terror, and all who have lived under oppression for far too long.

Pastor Allison


Advocate: Tell Congress to Oppose a Ground Invasion on Gaza by Israel (via email) and Tell Congress to Stop Fueling Violence (via phone call)

Donate Resources: 2 organizations I recommend: Middle East Children’s Alliance and American Friends Service Committee

Educate Yourself and Others: Listen to Yousef Aljamal’s conversation with Pastor Tanner on Light in Gaza; Share 5 Things You need to Know about What’s Happening in Israel and Gaza; Read How to Talk to Family and Friends about the Situation in Israel and Palestine