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Allison Tanner

October 29, 2021

With joy I share with you big news on two fronts, connected to projects I, and Lakeshore, have been involved in.

Last Saturday, at the Alliance of Baptists Fall Gathering, the Alliance passed a statement Confronting Christian Zionism. The statement was in direct response to Palestinian Christian pleas to the international Church to challenge Christian Zionism, the leading cause behind the intensification of their oppression over the last several years. The Alliance made a bold public commitment to rise up and speak out against Christian Zionism as theologically corrupt and politically abusive. Further, they committed to challenge U.S. public policy that is grounded in Christian Zionism and instead promote U.S. public policy grounded in the true gospel of liberation that ends the occupation and builds a just society for both Israelis and Palestinians. As the Convener of the Alliance’s Community for Justice in Palestine and Israel, I helped guide this process to fruition over the past several months. If you would like to learn more about Christian Zionism and how to confront it, check out the webinar we created: Christians Against Christian Zionism.

On a different front, I received word this week that the final detainee at Yuba County Jail has been released. Yuba County is the only county in Northern California that still partners with ICE for immigration detention and advocates have been trying to end this partnership. Our friend Oscar came to us from Yuba. In May I joined the families of the remaining 8 detainees and prayed with them. One by one, is has been a joy to see each one gain their freedom and be reunited with their family and community. Please continue to pray for the campaign to #ShutDownYuba.

Somos 11 community working to free the last 11 detainees at Yuba; photo from May when when there were 8 remaining. As of today, there are no detainees at Yuba County Jail!


If you have not yet completed Lakeshore’s Sanctuary Survey for how you can partner with us in our work for immigration justice, please do so!

If you have not yet registered to hear Pastor Carolyn’s presentation on reparations tomorrow, I strongly encourage you to do so. She will be featured at this important symposium, hosted by American Baptist Churches, USA

Registration Open for The Prophetic Rhythm of Anti-Racism – Saturday, October 30