Public Witness

Ceasefire Pilgrimage and Celebrating Sergio’s Family

Allison Tanner

March 15, 2024

Dear Lakeshore,

If you continue to be deeply grieved and outraged by the mass destruction of Gaza – its people, culture, infrastructure and history, I encourage you to join me for a prayerful pilgrimage for a permanent Ceasefire. We will walk 5.5 miles along the lake and through congregational neighborhoods, visiting several houses of worship displaying our Love Demands Permanent Ceasefire Now banners. There are a multitude of ways to participate, from walking various distances to volunteering to help out, including hosting walkers as they pass by Lakeshore. See below for details and to sign up.

If you are in need of some good news and joyful celebration – plan to join us on Sunday to welcome Sergio’s family to Lakeshore! They arrived safely in the U.S. last Friday, and are looking forward to worshiping at Lakeshore as a family! They will be recognized in the worship service and celebrated during the coffee hour. (Paige Bence is coordinating the coffee hour if you’d like to contribute something.) For those who haven’t yet seen it, KTVU did a very moving story about their reunion.

I’m grateful that Lakeshore’s public witness includes ways to engage in both the deep concerns of the world as well as celebrations of love, hope and healing.

Pastor Alison

PS – There will also be a Ceasefire Night Walk at St. Columba Catholic Church (6401 San Pablo, Oakland) at 6 p.m. tonight lifting up our prayers for Ceasefire in Oakland, Gaza and around the world.


Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage

Saturday, March 23rd  (7am-7pm)

Join us on Saturday, March 23rd for an interfaith pilgrimage for ceasefire in Gaza. With our bodies, we will be mapping Gaza onto the East Bay, channeling our collective grief and rage into prayerful action as we pilgrimage together as an interfaith community and call for an immediate and sustained ceasefire in Gaza. 

This pilgrimage will be a daylong, 22-mile walk, broken into 5 shorter legs and marking the distance from Gaza City to the Rafah crossing refugee camp. It will begin at 7am in Berkeley and end at 7pm in Alameda and include scheduled prayer stops along the way, as well as visits to various faith communities who have raised banners for ceasefire. The portion that includes the Lakeshore neighborhood will take place at noon, starting at Buddhist Church of Oakland.

People of all faith backgrounds and physical abilities are invited to participate in this pilgrimage, and those unable to walk are able to join in at our stopping points for community prayer and action times.

This pilgrimage is part of a broader global Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage movement, taking place in 18 countries and 145 cities. 

Sign up att: 


Sergio, Yadira, Sergio Jr., and Johandry – welcomed at the airport by Lakeshore reps Sirries, Bryant and Pastor Alison