Love Demands Permanent Ceasefire Now!

Ceasefire Banner at Lakeshore

On Christmas Eve, 2023, Lakeshore put up a Ceasefire banner. This banner represents the church’s commitment to end the violence taking place in Gaza, in Israel, in Oakland, and throughout the world. This banner is part of an interfaith effort in the Bay Area to offer a moral voice of love in response to the heartbreak of violence and warmongering that surrounds us. Our faith calls us to love, and love demands we find ways to put the weapons down. You can learn more at:

Lakeshore has spent more than a decade working for Ceasefire in Oakland. We’ve borne witness to too much death, too many destroyed lives, and too much fear in our cities. We work with our larger community to find better ways to address the problems in Oakland and offer opportunities for the whole community to thrive. Likewise, these values apply to the mass destruction unfolding in Gaza. While deploring the violence taking place in Gaza, Israel and the West Bank, including war crimes perpetrated by Hamas and Israel, we again insist that there has been too much death, too many destroyed lives, and too much terror taking place. We lament the tragic deaths of over 25,000 Gazans, 1200 Israelis and 300 people living in the West Bank, as well as the forced displacement of nearly 2 million people, all within the past four months.


A Prayer for Peace

Prince of Peace,
We plead with you for an end to war.
Too many have been slaughtered,
Too many are fighting daily for their survival,
Traumatized and fearful.
Death abounds. Dehumanization abounds.
And we long for your coming.
We need you. We need your peace.
Not the peace that comes from bombs or bloodshed.
But the peace that demands the humanity of every one of your precious children.
The peace that builds bridges and offers community care.
The peace that refuses to ignore the suffering of one another.
The peace that connects us to one another.
The peace that invites us to work together toward healing.

As we work for your peace,
Give us eyes to see the needs of our neighbor
Give us ears to hear the concerns of the world
Give us hearts that can break at the suffering around us
Give us hands to do the work of peace-making
– in ourselves and in our communities
– in our cities and in our world
For we are all in need of Your peace, Your saving grace, Your healing power.  Amen.