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Bringing it HOME – add your voice today!

Allison Tanner

August 31, 2023

Advocating for immigration justice outside Gov. Newsom’s office

On Wednesday I joined Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity and ICE out of CA advocates to lobby for the HOME Act (AB937). I was able to visit with representatives from Senator Dodd and Senator Glazer’s offices, two senators who need encouragement to understand and vote for this bill that would allow immigrants to benefit from criminal reforms that have been passed in recent years. This bill would greatly reduce the number of ICE transfers that unfairly and doubly punish immigrants who have earned release from prison. I was able to share with each senator that Lakeshore, who has several members in each of their districts, proudly supports the HOME Act.

I joined with powerful faith activists and community leaders, some of whom have endured these painful transfers themselves and are still seeking healing. We gathered as leaders of all ages, from teens to elders and everyone in between. An unexpected joy was meeting renowned activist and shero Dolores Huerta! She happened to be in the state capital when we were, and she graciously accompanied us when we went up to visit the Governor’s office. She spoke passionately about the need to pass the HOME Act.

As I shared with staff of senators and the governor, passing the HOME Act will end needless suffering of individuals, families and communities. Many who languish in detention are community leaders who have much to offer – if they could only be free to share their gifts. I encourage you to add your voice to the support of the HOME Act, which will be voted on in the senate within the next two weeks. Below are details.

You can learn more about the HOME Act at

Thank you for your ongoing support of immigrants through emails and prayers.

Pastor Allison

Standing with Dolores Huerta and faith leader Floricel!

Send Email to Governor 


  1. Go to website:
  2. Select “Legislation Issues/Concerns.”
  3. Select “Leave a comment” then click next
  4. Select “Pro.”
  5. Change subject to “AB 1306 Support”
  6. Write message to urge the Governor to support the HOME Act, AB 1306:

Template message: My name is ________.I am a resident of  [name of city you live in] and a member of Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church in Oakland. I urge the Governor to support the HOME Act, AB 1306. The bill is a simple fix that harmonizes broadly-supported, existing reforms to ensure equal application to immigrants and refugees. It will reunite families, strengthen communities, and fulfill the state’s commitment to addressing racial injustice and upholding our values of fairness and equality.

Send Email to your Senator 

This is especially important if you live in Senator Steve Glazer or Bill Dodd’s district. You can send an email to your Senator in a few minutes: