Midweek Message

August 6, 2019

Jim Hopkins

August 6, 2019

I am sorry to share the news with you of the death on August 4th of The Reverend Dr. William  R. Herzog II. Bill, who served as the Interim Pastor of Lakeshore in 1980 and again in 1987, was a magnificent teacher, a great scholar, a wonderful author, a marvelous preacher, and the finest of human beings. He taught New Testament at the California Baptist Seminary, the American Baptist Seminary of the West, Central Baptist Seminary, Colgate Rochester Divinity School and Andover Newton Theological Seminary. He also served as the Academic Dean at several of these seminaries. Bill loved his family (he is survived by his wife Mary, his son Daniel and his daughter Katherine), the Bible especially the parables of Jesus), the Baptist tradition, the church and baseball. He had a formative influence on me when I was a student and was among those who helped bring me to Lakeshore. I will always be grateful to him and for him. Bill and Mary were living in Gettysburg, PA at the time of his death.
A service will be held at Trinity United Church of Christ, 60 E High St, Gettysburg PA, Friday August 16, 2019 at 11am. Receiving hours will be the evening before Thursday, August 15th from 6-8pm at Monahan Funeral Home in Gettysburg.
Jim H.

Gun Violence Resolution

The Interfaith Council of Alameda County asked me to draft this statement in response to the mass murders in Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton.
After Gilroy, El Paso and Dayton
A Statement from the Interfaith Council of Alameda County
In days between July 28, 2019 and August 4, 2019, thirty-four people were killed and sixty people were wounded by gunfire from semi-automatic, assault style rifles in Gilroy, California, El Paso, Texas and Dayton Ohio. In 2019 there have been over 250 mass shootings, resulting in over 100 deaths in the United States of America.
In response to this evil, statements of denunciation have been issued, assurances of concern of been delivered, prayers for grief and petitions for comfort have been offered and policy suggestions have been made. Still, the killings continue. Still, families are ripped apart. Still, communities are torn asunder. Still, prayers of grief are offered. Still, petitions for comfort are lifted. Still, hateful rhetoric flows from the seats of power. Still, powerful guns and the bullets they fire are readily available for purchase.
As members of the faith communities of Alameda County, as members of families who have seen our young people die from gun violence, we once again raise our voices in outrage and lament. We are outraged by the notion that nothing can be done. We are outraged by the hateful language directed toward immigrants, people of color and adherents of religions not our own. We are broken by the loss of the life. We grieve with those who grieve. The river of tears that flows touches us at the deepest of levels.
Yet, we are hopeful. We are hopeful that in the name of faith, hope and justice will come together. We are hopeful that words of hate will be rejected and refuted. We are hopeful that legislation intended to reduce the gun violence will be enacted. Specifically, we urge the United States Senate to immediately join the House of Representatives in passing the 2019 Background Check Act and the President to reenact the 1994 assault weapons ban that will remove military style, high capacity semi-automatic weapons from civilian use.
We stand ready to work for all who work for the common good. May our faith help us build the Beloved Community.


August Sermon Series
This Sunday I will begin a three part sermon series based on the work of local hymn writer, Dan Damon. As part of the Worshipping Communities Grant that Sandra Lee has procured for us, Dan will be with us in late 2019 or early 2020 to lead a workshop on writing our own hymns. I thought a sermon series might help inspire us to participate. My sermon this week will be “Many Gifts, One Spirit.” We will sing Dan’s hymn by the same title in worship.
To Tyrone, Latrice and family on the birth of their grandson, Saleh Jr. (S.J), on July 25th,
Toni Morrison
The Nobel laureate, author of “Beloved” and “Song of Solomon,” died on August 5th. She was one of our nation’s greatest authors. Her words were featured in this morning’s “Verse and Voice.”  We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.
This is Church Retreat Weekend
Blessings and prayers for safe travel for all who will be attending. Contact Pastor Tanner if you would like to come up to Redwood Glen for the day.