Public Witness

August 27, 2021

Allison Tanner

August 27, 2021

Public Witness = putting our faith in action for the work of justice, healing and peace-making.

As Lakeshore continues slowly opening back up and creating our new “normal,” I wanted to share with you some opportunities to engage in Public Witness this fall. In addition to the variety of ways I invite you to participate in specific actions and events as they emerge, this fall I want to offer more monthly opportunities to further our education, discussion and engagement.

On the first Sundays of the month, I will host a Public Witness Forum discuss-ing various ways to engage in public witness. These forums will take place at church, following worship, and there will be a way to participate virtually. Our first forum, Sunday, September 5 will feature Minister Cherri Murphy, a faith organizer with Faith Alliance for a Moral Economy (FAME). Minister Murphy will share with us her work at FAME, the importance of honoring labor and our work together for a Moral Budget for Oakland.

On the second Tuesdays and following Wednesdays of each month I will lead a Public Witness Bible Study. These also will highlight struggles for justice and healing, and how we can participate in public witness and peace-making. These events continue to be virtual.

You can always read more about the work of Public Witness and how you can participate in my Transmitter column and every other Friday through the Mid-week Message. I look forward to the ways in which we will engage together in the work of sharing Lakeshore’s Public Witness in our community, country and world.

Pastor Allison