Midweek Message

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Jim Hopkins

August 23, 2021


Last week I received a message from Pastor Brian Woodson of Faith In Action East Bay which read:

Please share this urgent news!

Most Californians have very little awareness of the governor’s recall election, which is likely to have very low turnout. I am alarmed that this means that a very small number of voters could choose to overturn a regular election that had our full attention and participation. FIAEB is helping to make sure voters are on the lookout for a ballot in the mail and that they should fill it out and mail it in!

Giving your members this encouragement to vote will not cause any concerns for any tax or 501c3 status, as it does not ask people to vote for or against a candidate.

Two common questions:

When is the election?

The election ends on September 14th – but it will be decided in August. Ballots are being sent out this week and most people who vote will do so within the first two weeks.

What is on the ballot?

There will be two questions:

(1) Should Gavin Newsom be removed from office? 

(2) If Gavin Newsom is removed, who should replace him as governor? 

Under question 2, the list of candidates does not include Gavin Newsom. If a majority of voters say “yes” to removing the governor, the highest vote-getter on the list under question 2 would become governor – even if they do not receive a majority of votes. A governor could be selected by 2 or 3% of eligible voters!

Servant BK

As always, please let me know if you haven’t received your ballot or need help turning it in.

In an era of history in which voting rights are under attack in several states and in many ways, it is essential that all people, including people of faith, protect their right to vote by exercising it.

Pastor Jim

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Thank you to Dave Robinson for this photo from College Avenue Presbyterian Church (Pastor Monte McLain)