Midweek Message

August 14, 2018

Jim Hopkins

August 14, 2018

Dear LABC,
I am writing on Monday, August 13. Today is the first day of the 2018-19 school year in Oakland Unified School District. Am I alone in thinking that it seems like each successive summer passes more quickly than the last?
We had a magnificent retreat at Redwood Glen this past weekend. Thanks to all who planned and participated. It appears that the conference center is soon to be water independent as its new, state-of-the-art water, purification system is in the final stages of approval. It has been a long, trying and expensive process. Let us continue to support the camp with our prayers and our gifts.
I always take something important from the retreat. One of this year’s take-aways are these words from our leader, the Reverend Dr. Ann Jefferson. “The privatization of piety has led to the corruption of community.”
Looking ahead to August 19 – Ally and I have been talking about a sermon about suicide for many years. This Sunday, using the sacred conversation format, we will preach that sermon. Our tentative outline is:
I.  Some current facts about suicide – Jim
II. One family’s experience – Ally
III. Suicide in the Bible – Jim
IV – A Closing Word – Ally
We hope that you will be able to attend and stay for the Forum which will be presented by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
It serves us all to have two Suicide Prevention Hotline numbers with us in order to share them with friends and loved ones who are in crisis.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline  1-800-273-8255
Alameda County Crisis and Suicide Prevention Line 1-800-309-2131
Jim H.

Concerns and Celebrations from August 12th

  • Thanksgiving with Paige Bence and John Lee on the birth of their grandson Zavien Elias Lee (son of Legacy and Lauren),
  • Declan Brown as he moves to La Jolla
  • Thanksgiving  for a wonderful retreat
  • Thanksgiving with Joan Patten for a safe trip
  • Lola for the people of Nigeria
  • Julio Cash, in search of employment
  • Marian Ott as she prepares to move to St. Paul Towers
  • Theresako Harris for Sydney and Kendall as the school year begins and for her mom as she returns to Chicago
  • Ruben Artery, foot surgery this week
  • All our students, teachers. school employees and their families as the students and teachers return to the classroom
  • Thankgiving for our Teacher Match Ministry (classroom supplies for our teachers)


This  week (Thursday – Sunday) will be a good week to take a walk around Lake Merritt as the United States Rowing Association Masters Rowing Championships are being contested each day between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. . My Beloved will be competing on Thursday and Friday afternoons.
Happy Birthday (August 14) to Minister in Residence, Sandra Lee
Prayers today for Aretha Franklin (hospice care) and family. Prayers also for the grieving in Genoa, Italy following the deadly bridge collapse there.