Midweek Message

August 12, 2014

Jim Hopkins

August 12, 2014

We were watching the news following a family dinner at the Phillips’ home on Sunday evening. After reports on Iraq, Gaza, the Ebola epidemic, and the killing of  Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, by the Ferguson, MO, police, Ethan asked, “Can we turn this off?” 
Indeed the pain of the world can often be overwhelming.  It is times like these that we do well to remember the words of Pastor Mark Moore, “Love is  NOT the distinct mark of a Christian. Loving our enemies is.”  Pastor Moore is reiterating what the Christian leader Tertullian taught in the 3rd century. “To love friends is the custom of all people, but to love enemies is customary only for Christians.”
I look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Our Seminarian in Residence, Sydney Webster, will be our preacher. Gerry Grosz and band will be our guest musicians.
Jim H.

 Prayers of the Congregation

  • All who are grieving
  • Sheila Sims for her father
  • Jewelle Gibbs for her the health of her niece following surgery and for all victims of racism, ethnic and religious intolerance in this country and the rest of the world
  • Georgia Upshaw for Irene Jennings
  • Karen Hopkins for her friend Connie and all who are looking for jobs
  • Pastor Tanner as she represents the American Baptist Ministers of the Greater Bay Area at the American Baptist Ministers Council Senate meetings in Wisconsin
  • Thanksgiving with Kay Baxter for Stacey (job hunting) and Jamie (new rehab program at Paradise Baptist Church)
  • Celestine Bennett as she cares for her sister
  • Connie Hector as she cares for her mother in law
  • Ann Fields for her family
  • Helen Roberson and family
  • Barry Breaux for his  mom and his aunt
  • Phil and Gloria Meads for June and Billy
  • Dwight Dickerson for his family
  • Al Johnson and Roy Browner (stability)
  • The Milcoff family
  • Peg Shaw (Piedmont Gardens SNF)
  • The peace of our city
  • Toni Daniels and all who are incarcerated
  • All our college age and young adult members
  • Sandra Dunn for her father
  • George and Sylvia Lee
  • Thanksgiving with Zondra Martin for peace on earth and justice for all
  • The Wilkinson family and all who are seeking housing
  • George and Sylvia Lee
  • Mary Karne for her daughter Maryla
  • Shirley Jones
  • Steve and Carol Leichter
  • Katrina Lau for her grandmother
  • Margaret Oladoja and family
  • Charlene Wolf for her mom
  • Maxwell Vines for his family and for safe travels
  • Crena Alexander for her mom and dad
  • Jan Scott as she continues to recuperate
  • Joan Thatcher recuperating from eye surgery
  • A prayer for Iraq – may the chaos of civil war be replaced by the shalom of civil society
  • Ken Kirkey for his father Ken Kirkey Sr., recuperating from cancer
  • The immigrant children (and their families) being held at the border and at centers around the country
  • All who are traveling
  • Peace in the Middle East and comfort for all the grieving families. May the cycle of atrocity upon atrocity be broken.
  • Marie Johnson for Dahlia and Oscar (battling cancer), Doreen, Jamani, Amy and Kevin (unwanted workplace changes) and herself
  • Sydney Webster for her Aunt Ayana
  • All our students, teachers and school employees as the academic year begins
  • Thanksgiving with Legacy Lee and Lauren Vandam and their families on their August 8 wedding
  • Don Johnson and Nicole Pallios and their families as they prepare for their August 31 wedding
  • The Kachin people as they seek justice and freedom
  • President Obama as he leads in troubled times
  • The Evans, Edwards and Leche families
  • Warren and Camille Parker for Glenora  Smith (aging sister) and George Brown (ailing nephew)
  • Paul Keener for his mother who has been hospitalized
  • Jeanne Robinson for her niece Kristen Fry as she returns to her ministry at Dwelling Places (work with children and their families in Uganda
  • Rowena Jackson for her family
  • Thanksgiving with Patricia Butterfield on her daughter’s new job


The news of the death of actor/comedian Robin Williams in Marin County  of an apparent suicide is much in the news. We remember his family as we give thanks for his life. We are all well advised to have the number of the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at hand for those we know and love are not immune from feeling overwhelmed by life. 1-800-273-8255.