Midweek Message

April 25, 2012

Allison Tanner

April 25, 2012

Greetings Lakeshore!
May the joy of Easter continue to linger in our hearts and minds as we go about our daily lives.
The Scripture for Sunday comes from I John 3:11-24.  Having firmly established our identity as God’s Beloved Children, John goes on to explain some of the implications of this identity.  As God’s Beloved, we are to love one another.  John is clear though, that our loving others is not a precondition of God’s love, but a response to being loved.  On Sunday we will discuss what it means to Live as God’s Children.

Prayers of the Congregation

  • Mary Karne – recovering from surgery
  • Bette Pancoe – recuperating at home
  • Bev Cooper – recovering from a fall
  • Geetha Thaker – mourning the loss of a friend
  • The Dickerson-Dees family for peace amidst difficult times
  • Larry Sims for Wilber Sims, Renee Muckeroy, grandkids and family
  • Kay Baxter for Jaime and celebrating the powerful sermon Stacey preached on Sunday
  • Wally Bryen for his mom
  • Joan Patten for Peter’s father battling bone cancer
  • Karen and Robin Newton – mourning the loss of their sister
  • Helen Harrison for Mike and Karen Casey (Karen battling cancer)
  • B’Joe Morris for Geneva Keith
  • Joyce Bass for her brothers
  • The Grand Lake Gardens community
  • All who work for better educational opportunities for students
  • All who are struggling to make difficult choices in hard economic times
  • All who come to the church seeking assistance