Midweek Message

April 21, 2015

Jim Hopkins

April 21, 2015

Dear Lakeshore,
In our Tuesday night and Wednesday morning Bible studies we are nearing the halfway point of our reading of the Gospel of Luke. As part of our study this week will be reading chapter 11: 37-53, Jesus denunciation of the Pharisees and Lawyers.
As I review this passage I am reminded that his strong critique applies not just to the religious leaders of his time but to religious leaders in all times and places. The truth is, like those at the top of the religious pyramid in Jesus’ time, we are all prone to misplaced priorities and misguided practices.
Consider Jesus’ accusations:

  1. Giving priority to outward appearance instead of inner integrity
  2. Neglecting the imperatives of love and justice
  3. Seeking applause for one piety and spirituality
  4. Placing heavy religious burdens on people who already lived difficult lives

This list, while very old, is remarkably contemporary. It serves as call to us at Lakeshore to redouble our commitment to walk a different path. Please join us at the table as we continue to read Luke’s gospel.
Jim H.
Earth Day is April 22, 2015 (In May Creation Care will be our worship emphasis at LABC.) The following is a beautiful prayer for the day from the Catholic Health Association of the United States.
The heavens speak of the Creator’s glory and the sky proclaims God’s handwork. (Psalm 19:2)
Out of nowhere, the spark.
From nothingness, the immense somethingness.
Lord God, Creator of the Universe,
Hear our prayer,
Witness our awe,
Accept our thanks —
For this Earth on which we live and thrive;
For all that is, every element in Creation,
Every plant and beast and insect,
Every person, in all times and places.
Out of your goodness and love, the Earth came to be.
Out of your everlasting power,
Came the multiplicity of everything that is.
We pray, this day —
Hold us accountable,
Guide us in your ways —
To protect, to serve, to hold precious
This glorious Earth in all its abundance.
Give us wisdom, that we may be faithful to your will.
Give us restraint in our use of resources;
That this Earth on which we live,
This earth, that you made and sustain,
Will pass to our children, generation upon generation.
We pray in your Holy Name. AMEN
Included in the words “every element of Creation” is a prayer for your well being, the well being of those you love, the well being of the LABC community and the well being of the larger community of which we are a part.


Our Minister-in -Training, Chuck Johnston will be the preacher and Forum leader this Sunday. I know he will appreciate your support and caring feedback. The Forum will be a consideration of the continuing growth in acceptance and understanding of same-sex marriage in both California and the United States.