Midweek Message

April 2, 2012

Jim Hopkins

April 2, 2012

Holy Week Greetings to All,
The news is just coming in regarding the shooting at Oikos University, located in a business park not far from the airport, in which at least seven people were killed and several others injured by a gunman reputed to be a disgruntled former student.  Every time another bullet is fired in Oakland I am reminded of the great chasm between the way things are in our city and they way we pray they will be.  Lord, have mercy on this city, on the grieving families, the injured survivors and the troubled perpetrator of these crimes.
I had hoped than my main purpose in writing today would be to make sure you are aware of, and encouraged to participate in, these Holy Week programs:

  • Finger Food Potluck and Study, Tuesday Evening at 6:00 in the Family Room.  We will be studying the Scriptures related to the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah.
  • Good Friday Worship, Prelude at 12:00 and Service at 12:15.  Service will conclude at 12:50 so you can get back to work if you need to. (LABC Sanctuary)
  • Easter Saturday Community Parade and Party (Volunteers Needed) Gather in front of the church at 11:00
  • Easter Worship (Including a Service of Baptism), April 8, 10:00, Easter Egg Hunt  will follow

A former member of Lakeshore, Elizabeth Patrick, sent this post-Palm Sunday Prayer.  I found it to be meaningful and trust that you will as well.

A Bruised Reed

When we bruise
like a reed in the wind

When we wane
like a flickering lamp

When we lose courage
and walk without hope

from Ruth Burgess of IONA Community

Prayers of the Congregation

  • Susan Joachim (Summit Hospital) and Family
  • Thanksgiving that Shirley Jones was in worship on Palm Sunday
  • Theresako Harris for her aunt
  • Georgia Upshaw for Ginny
  • Carol Leichter for Steve (Six weeks without a fall!)
  • Jim McAllister for his brother in law
  • Karen Hopkins for her aunt Shirley
  • Larry Sims for his family
  • Thanksgiving with Charlene and Jerry Wolf on their 10th Anniversary
  • Thanksgiving with Irene Jennings on her 90th birthday (April 1)
  • Mary Alice and Abe Cirimele as they mourn the death of a friend
  • All our students, teachers and school employees and their families
  • The peace of our city
  • Sandra Dunn for her father
  • Al Johnson and Roy Browner
  • Phil and Gloria Meads for Jon, Karl, Nichole and Brandy
  • Declan and Sheila Brown for David and Deidre and for Gahiji as his mother enters hospice
  • Ann Fields for her family
  • Doris and Ted Evans for their family
  • Homer and Zondra Martin
  • Thanksgiving with Brenda McCarthy of her family, friends and LABC
  • Thanksgiving with Aaron Hopkins and Teresa Gill as they look forward to June
  • Thanksgiving that our youth and their leaders had a great retreat at the Jefferey’s cabin near Lake Tahoe
  • All those who turn to the church for assistance
  • All those looking for work
  • Edna Dorenzo (home) and those who care for her
  • Tess Benin and her ministry of caring
  • David Robinson the ministry of Correctional Institutions Chaplaincy
  • Steve Reimer and the ministry of the Samaritan Neighborhood Center
  • LeAnn Snow and the ministry of the American Baptist Seminary of the West
  • Pam Claassen and the ministry of the American Baptist Homes of the West


Karen and I join with Aaron, Teresa and her parents (Tom and Karen) for the wonderful wedding shower this past Sunday afternoon.  Your kindness and concern carry us always.
If you can help provide the Joachim family with prepared meals please contact Paige Bence.