Midweek Message

April 19, 2016

Jim Hopkins

April 19, 2016

Dear Lakeshore,
As I write it is Monday, April 18, the deadline to file our 2015 income taxes. The need to pay taxes and debates about what an appropriate tax burden is are part and parcel of human history. Jesus’ opponents used such a debate in an attempt to trap him in a statement that they could use in their efforts to label him an insurrectionist. His memorable response was “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.” It seems that even Jesus acknowledged that the payment of taxes is essential.
Our preacher this coming Sunday, April 24, is our current Minister-in-Training, Michele Austin. Michele will be preaching from Galatians 6: 1-3, a most interesting text in which Paul uses a phrase he does not use elsewhere in his letters – “the law of Christ.”
In looking forward to Michele’s sermon I am reminded of the many MITs that have been, and in many ways continue as, part of the Lakeshore family. Being a teaching congregation is most definitely a win-win situation, one that benefits both students and church. Michele’s spring sermon is a reminder that her time with us is coming to an end, as the semester at ABSW ends in mid-May. I know that her home congregation, Cosmopolitan Baptist, is looking forward to her return but I trust she knows that she will always be welcome at LABC.

Prayers of the Congregation

  • Refugees and captives around the globe
  • The people of Burma, Japan and Ecuador in the aftermath of earthquakes
  • Thanksgiving for all first-responders
  • Thanksgiving for ministries that feed, clothe, educate and welcome
  • Alice Butler for Vincene Jenkins
  • Carol Leichter for Howard
  • Teresa and Aaron Hopkins as they prepare for the birth of their second son
  • Maxwell Vines (health concerns)
  • David Robinson for his mom
  • Mary Karne for Maryla
  • The Evans family
  • Myra Saxton, Lucille Riggins and family
  • Joan Thatcher (health concerns)
  • Rowena Jackson for the Grand Lake Gardens Community as they mourn Patti Wyatt
  • Marie Johnson for Matthew, the son of a co-worker
  • George Lee for Eddie Lee
  • Chuck Johnson for the victim of a motorcycle accident he witnessed
  • Larry Sims for Sandra (surgery today)
  • Tuck and Jayne Chin as they prepare to move to Fresno
  • Tyrone Mack as he mourns the death of his nephew Alan Mack III
  • Michelle Sampson for her mother
  • Our Social Justice Committee as they lead our Aspire and Achieve program
  • Gloria Meads
  • Rick McKillop for his dad
  • Karen Hopkins for her friend Chris and family
  • Cynthia Taylor for all who are unemployed or concerned for their employment
  • Kay Baxter for her workplace, for Stacey’s employment, for her sister Vee
  • All who are facing, or recovering from, physical, mental and spiritual abuse
  • Thanksgiving with Katrina Lau that she is feeling better (she is especially grateful for the care of Carol Glann, Paige Bence and Alice Butler)
  • Thanksgiving for all the LABC members who serve with the Seafarers Ministry of the Golden Gate. Congratulations to Dale and Alice Edmondson for being honored with the 2016 Lighthouse Award for their many years of service
  • Marc Buffin for his brother, Thomas
  • Chris and Allison Angotti for the Duvall and Burdette families as they mourn
  • Thanksgiving with Michael Simpson on his mom’s 84th birthday and his parents 61st anniversary
  • Thanksgiving with Julian Nesbitt and family on his decision to attend Santa Clara University
  • Evan Wilkinson and family
  • Sharon Gordon for her brother, Herman
  • Sandra Dunn, health concerns
  • The United Nations as it meets in special assembly to consider global drug policies
  • The United States Supreme Court as it considers President Obama’s immigration policies
  • Gloria Meads for Sean Bockover (husband of Cynthia Nelson) who is in the earthquake affected area of Japan
  • Karen Okusu (health concerns)
  • Pastor John Giles and the members of Union Baptist Church
  • Kimberly Moreland (health concerns)


Earth Day is Friday, April 22. We will observe Earth Sunday on April 24. The high rate of of asthma in  the children of the Oakland and the Bay Area needs to be of particular concern. The high rate of asthma corresponds to the high rate of particulate matter in the air of this transportation hub.